Sellers: Think Twice Before You Work With an Instant Offer Company

Are you considering working with an instant offer company?
If so, consider the points in today’s message before you do.

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You’ve probably noticed the recent influx of instant offer companies like OpenDoor and Offerpad coming into Denver. These companies claim they’ll create a less stressful selling experience than the one you’d have if you listed on the open market, but is this true?

Well, while selling to one of these companies may prove to be fast, it won’t necessarily be convenient—nor will it help you net what you deserve for your home. Worse still, these supposedly pain-free arrangements will generally cost you a lot of money out of pocket.

Selling to one of these companies may prove to
be fast, but it won’t necessarily be convenient.

The bottom line is this: Unless you’re in a distressed situation and need an immediate way to sell your home, you’re better off listing on the open market with an experienced Realtor. When everything is said and done, you’ll almost certainly be glad you did.

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